Uilleam Tell

Uilleam Tell

A play by Friedrich Schiller
20 July 2016
Paperback & eBook
£8.00 (£3.50 as eBook) | Available
ISBN 9781907165221 (eBook 9781907165122)

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This is the second volume in the series “An t-Àrd-ùrlar Beag” which aims to publish and re-publish plays in Scottish Gaelic.

This is one of the classic plays by Friedrich Schiller - a noted German writer, poet, philosopher, historian and scientist - telling the story of the heroic archer William Tell and the Swiss struggle for independence of the Habsburg Empire in the 14th century.

It was originally translated into Gaelic in 1893 by Catrìona NicGilleBhàin Ghrannd and thoroughly edited for this publication.

See also the first part in this series: Iulius Caesar