We specialise in Scots Gaelic-, Irish- and Manx-related publishing. That in itself doesn’t make us unique but one thing that sets us apart is that, with the exception of world literature, we avoid publishing translations from non-Goidelic languages, in particular English.

Our approach is rather different from the standard model of publishing in small languages. Most important is the way we treat authors. We set out to ensure that the author keeps a greater proportion of the sale price of the book and has greater involvement in the publishing process. What is key is to ensure that quality writing gets published. In this way we hope to increase the standard of the literature that is available to readers in these languages.

Many things have changed since Edward Dwelly had to appeal to the King for funding to publish his dictionary and it is important that languages like Gaelic make use of advances in publishing technology. We don’t receive any funding for what we do - because we don’t ask for any. Projects are assessed against our knowledge of the market. We use streamlined technologies to be able to offer competitive books that have a genuine audience. However we are unlikely to offer an advance against publication - we live by the outcomes of what we achieve with our authors.

If you have a proposal about a book then we would love to hear from you. Our current catalogue and pipeline projects include childrens’ stories, some classic literature, non-fiction reference works, and various learning support materials.