Na Daoine Sìthe

is Ùirsgeulan eile
1 August 2013
Paperback & eBook
£9.50 (eBook £3.50) | Available
ISBN 9781907165078 (leabhar-d 9781907165269)

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This collection of stories contains three classic fairy tales from Argyll - Spiorad na h-Aoise (The Spirit of the Age), Iolaire Loch Trèig (The Eagle of Loch Treig) and Bean-taighe Mhath 's Obair-oidhche (The Good Housewife and a Night's Work). Find out if the youngest brother has any more luck than the others, if the Eagle of Loch Treig is indeed the world's oldest being; and if the poor housewife manages to rid herself of the pesky fairies she accidentally called upon.

A re-print of an old book of fairy tales that has been fully re-typeset and the colour illustrations digitally cleaned. The spelling has been updated slightly and footnotes (in Gaelic) explaining obscure words have been added but other than that, the book remains as it was.

The only completely new part is the sound recording which you can download and listen to the stories being told by a native speaker of Argyll Gaelic. Let yourself be entranced by a dialect that is rarely heard today.

The mp3 files for the book