Pippi Fhad-stocainneach

(Pippi Longstocking)
Astrid Lindgren
illustrations by Ingrid Vang Nyman
1 December 2018
£12.00 | Coming soon
ISBN 9781907165313

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Tòmas and Annika have no idea yet that someone has finally moved into the house next door. Much less so that it’s a red-haired girl who also happens to be both the strongest and kindest girl in the world with a suitcase full of gold coins. She lives at the Villa Rù-rà all by herself - with her pet monkey of course and her horse. Her name is Pippi Longstocking.

When this book first came out in 1945, it caused a bit of a stir was there had been no children’s book like it before and has since become a beloved classic of children and adults across the world. At long last, Gaelic-speaking children too will be able to delight in Pippi’s adventures.

Translated by Gillebrìde MacMillan and Michael Bauer.