Sgeulachdan Aràbianach

Stories from 1001 nights
Rev Iain MacRuairidh (translator)
8 October 2017
£38.00 | Available
ISBN 9781907165177

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Say “Open Sesame” and find out what really happened to Alī Bābā in the cave and how the smartest woman in the world saves him from the forty thieves. Find out how Sindbād manages to survive 7 voyages and a thousand perils. And then there are those other stories, less well known but no less intriguing.

On the 300th anniversary of Antoine Galland completing the first European translation of the Arabian Nights, Les mille et une nuits in 1717 we are pleased to bring together all the Gaelic translations of the Arabian Nights in a single volume for the first time ever.

Following many years of research, Calum Laing published an in-depth book about the life of the translator, Iain MacRuairidh.